Fences is set in some American suburbs where an African American family lives and the father of the household Troy is bitter about his lack of opportunity to play baseball because of his race and now earns a living as a rubbish collector. The play explore evolving race relationship in America, family dynamics, parenthood and legacy of upbringing and its effect on further generations. There were outstandingly tense scenes such as between Troy and his wife Rose when faced with grave crisis in their relationship. It is an odd play and production since scenes of great drama and intensity are interspersed with long, background feeding scens which makes the play feel overlong. The play can certainly do with some trimming. Lenny Henry as Troy is relaxed in the role, rising to the challenge to the more tyrannical and stern aspects of his character. Although his accent sometimes wanders a little, it was a competent performance. Henry is supported by the outstanding Tanya Moodie as Rose and Ashley Zhangazha who plays Troy’s determined younger son Cory. This is a very good production if a little more editing required.


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