An immersive night out is what they called it and it didn’t quite get off to the best start with 30 minutes of queuing in the rain and cold even though the entry is timed. Each member of the audience is given a cloak and enter into well decorated briefing room and then led into a time machine which is a crawl through a tunnel. This opens up to a 14th century market space with a few stalls, a tavern and the church which is just a cloakroom. It isn’t a promising start as each of us is given a white sack with a cloak and in turn asked to put our jackets into it and told we have to check it into the cloakroom costing £1. I am really not a fan of these kind of enforced spending and if this is the first thing you are asked to do, the good will can quickly disappear. Facing with this uphill struggle of a bad first impression, we are free to roam. We are given the task to find John of Gaunt and encouraged to speak to everyone. Unfortunately, the venue is too busy and after a long week and being quite late on a Friday night, I am too tired to run around to complete the mission. Some performance of sorts occasional break out around the venue but it is too noisy to hear what they are saying. The whole space is too small and uninteresting and all the exploration is done in about 5 minutes. Also, there are too many uncooperative audience around and even on one occasion heckle the performance. On the positive sides, the 14th century set is adequate and passable and some thoughts have gone into the show but it just doesn’t go as well as they have hoped. Another downside of the evening was a lack of rubbish bin around and soon the floor was filled with litter which got a little too immersive for my liking. We left early.


3 thoughts on “Wilfred Bagshaw’s Time Emporium, Village Underground.

  1. Dear Christopher – thank you so much for attending and for your candid evaluation. There were indeed some teething and logistical problems on the first night, and I was also only able to gauge the way a crowd would respond when actually in place. We actually learned enough from the Friday to generate a very different response on the second night.

    I would love for you to come along on my next trip to see this difference, if you could be persuaded?

    Best regards

    • Dear WB,

      I appreciate your offer and would very much like to take it up. Unfortunately, I wrote to your email three weeks ago but have not heard back since. I am disappointed with your retraction of offer and would like to clarify this here.



  2. Errmmmm, WB, we went on the second night back in March and I can assure you it was no better that this account … perhaps even worse, in our opinions! Regards, TS

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