It was a show de-constructing the elements of a comedy show starting with a satirical look at the comic banter, then moved on to other elements such as call back, autobiographical references  one liners with musical accompaniment, “new material” and an ending, or the lack of it. As a comedy show, it is all there and all done with a suitable aloofness which masks the cerebral nature of the show and allow him to charm without being smug. The stage craft is not in doubt and he has a great stage presence. However, with a high energy and funny start, the middle part of the show slacked in comedic terms and lacked the drive and direction of the beginning. Fortunately, it picked up towards the end with a mad cap elephants walk into a bar joke which escalated in a direction one would never imagine. It was an accomplished show with great ideas and assured performance aided by a likeable and charismatic on-stage persona.


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