Rated as worlds 20th best restaurant in the world and best in Sweden, this tiny 18 covers restaurant in the heart of the old town has garnered some high expectation. Their are so many courses that the menu is broken down into chapter and it is a long haul. There was an prologue of 5 small bites which was satisfactory. There was a beautiful scallop quickly roasted in it’s juice and was creamy and fresh. There are so many background flavour that is hard to discern but it is certainly more than just a bit of salt. One of their main feature is their “salad” which came with their own explanation menu and a list of ingredients and there were 23 on the list. It was served like a mini Zen garden of colour on slate, with condiments such as the beautiful red onion infused salt and some deep fried fish scale that gave it a nice crunch. The vegetables, all grown by the restaurant’s own gardener, were a seasonal selection of root vegetables and cabbages and were all individually cook perfectly and merged into an unifying salad. A few dishes featured a truffle from an island outside Stockholm but I’m afraid apart from some spongy texture it provided, it didn’t add anything to the dishes. My favourite was one of the 3 deserts with sea buckthorn sorbet, whipped poking mouse, meringues with matcha tea and crystallised sea lettuce and it was a subtle blend of tartness, fragrance and texture. Unfortunately, that came too late: although most dishes were interesting, none I would say I want to have again. Also, the 1400 Swedish crown wine pairing was hugely disappointing mix of standard wine that were of very average quality and it did not justify the price. I would say the same for the meal itself, at 2100 Swedish crown, I expected a lot more than what was served. Ultimately, it was the problem of expectation which may as well linked to it being the 20th best restaurant in the world. I will give it the 20th most interesting restaurant for its use of flavours which evolved as you chewed and swallowed and will rank it higher for the most expensive. It needs to do a lot more to be the best.


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