This House charted the event centred around the whip offices of  both Labour and Conservatives between 1974-1979 when labour governed with a minority government culminating in the election of Margret Thatcher Conservative party in 1979. The Cottesloe was transformed into a mock house of common debating chamber where audience members were part of the members of parliament and the centre of the chamber was the stage mainly set out as the whip offices of both parties. This was an outstanding ensemble cast performance who played  up to 30 characters and the play itself brought out the essence of the political gamesmanship involved in every vote due to the minority government. It is also perhaps apt to have this play on during a time of coalition government currently in power. The first half of the play was fast paced and the tension was kept high although this slackened in the second half as the impending doom of the vote of no confidence drew the play to the close. It was certainly a story worth retelling and it was done with great sense of drama in a very accomplished production.

Edit (1/6/16): This House has been transferred to the Garrick Theatre for its West End run in November, 2016.



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