This review was originally written for The Public Reviews.


This part cabaret, part circus and part burlesque show returns to London, having started life in Edinburgh ten years ago. Its mix of acrobats, trapeze artists and jugglers, along with comedians and a soulful singing clown bring a variety and pace to the tight two hour show. And of course, their main forte is the inherent sex orientated performances and their brazen humour. Ursula Martinez embodies this ethos perfectly with her disappearing handkerchief act. An elementary magic trick that has been taken to a different level of entertainment, most probably because it is also a striptease with a wittily hidden handkerchief. And there is much to enjoy with her rude Spanish singalong.

More traditional work from the Australian acrobatic duo The English Gents who perform impressive balancing work with strength and masqued elegance and invariably conclude their performance in their briefs, to much approval of the front row and beyond. Marcus Monroe’s knife juggling act has a witty banter to soften the risk factor. The sexy Tanya Gagne is an able trapeze artist and, you’ve guessed it, sheds her suit as she performs. The Swedish duo David and Fofo is another acrobatic act with the added talent of ping pong ball popping, toing and froing between their mouths with an odd sensuality.

The comedian Asher Treleaven, who also happens to juggle a diabolo, provides the comedy in his reading of a Mills and Boon excerpt. The well judged physical embellishment to the passage is a perfect antidote to the thrills. In contrast, Puddles Pity Party is a sad clown singing passionate ballads with a voice to match any talent on the night. And out comes Scotty The Blue Bunny in a blue spandex bunny outfit in acrylic platform heels who sits on a giant red balloon. He is more fun than this description makes out.

There may be more impressive acts and funnier comedians out there but to compare this collection of performers individually is missing the point. The lack of danger is made up by the comedy and the suggestive sexiness. Together, the energy builds and ultimately makes a great night out, with something for all tastes and persuasions. Well, as long as one doesn’t mind a bit of naughty fun.

Photo Oskar Cresso


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