The generation of angst based, self confessional comedian possessing a deft skill in dissecting and break down a comedy set has arrived. With John Kearns and Liam Williams, both putting themselves into the centre of the show, and in Williams’ case, also brought his imaginary alter ego to confront his own insecurities. May it be comments left under a five star review, his apparent unease with his recent success and with the audience generally. The theme of the capitalism and politics is briefly visited but Williams stated his position clearly. His insecurities manifest themselves in the questioning of the form and structure of a comedy set and with the fluid end time, he took full advantage of the verbal drifting and wandering. At times maddeningly self-indulgent which he himself acknowledge, it does hit on some fundamental observations on the construct of comedy writing. This is a very clever set disguised as an unstructured rant and though it may not entertain in the classical sense, it is outstanding work.


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