This review was originally written for The Public Reviews.


A thumping choreographed routine by the ensemble opens this high energy and youthful play by the Tricycle Young Company. It tells the stories of a group of London youngsters  including an eclectic mix of a budding Mexican street food entrepreneur, shopkeeper, bus driver and even those concerned with parenting, all observed by an odd loner who everyone shuns. And then an event occurs that will bring them together and change their lives.

There is a mix of stories incorporating relationships between lovers, siblings and colleagues, and even deeper questions of one’s own life by projecting self criticism onto an imaginary younger self. The range reflects the society of young adults in contemporary London and incorporates themes of neighbourhood, loneliness, community and discrimination. The structure of the play has the stories rotating in quick succession and glosses over elements of superficiality but the humour and the broad range of characters help to propel the play forward. Though the production losses its momentum when it revisits the characters as the novelty wears off somewhat, despite the stylised and dynamic scene changes.

Credit to the director Emily Lim who keeps the pace fast and ensures even the less likeable characters are as charming and cheerful as anyone else. The movements give it a real sense of youthfulness and the use of the actors during their supposed off stage time emphasises the community piece that it is. It is a great cast of eighteen who are all equally capable and perfectly cast in their roles.

This passion play in a contemporary Kilburn gives out the message of community and awareness in an increasingly isolating and self-contained modern world. The universality and modernity of the story make it an effective, profound and ultimately entertaining piece of theatre.

Runs until 9th August | Photo Mark Douet


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