A welcome revival after 20 years brings a play about a group of friends on a house warming and their relationship with the unseen Reg. As times passes, their muddled relationship begins to unravel and their numbers dwindle. The illness that is never referred to affects this group beyond loosing one another one by one. The heart of this play is on friendship and relationships with the added, but essential and integral elements of their sexuality. It is funny with a strong emotional core and a deeply affecting sadness with the inevitability of the outcome. The cast is outstanding with Jonathan Broadbent as Guy, or Gertie who is endearing with a brilliant mix of comedy and tragedy. Geoffrey Streatfeild as the suave and posh Daniel dominates the scene whenever he appears, with some help with a malfunctioning champagne bottle. A great production that slows a little towards the end and a well written play with great structure that treats the audience with respect.


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