The 50th version of the 1920s themed Prohibition Party, brought to you by Bourne and Hollingsworth is coming up on 28th June at the not so secret venue of Bloomsbury Ballroom.

Before the Prohibition Party on the same evening, Russian Revels have been tasked with bringing their trademark chic Slavic dining, games and theatre to a little pre-party of 50 guests only – a journey to the other side of the Atlantic. Current menu ideas for this include decadent plump bliny with salmon caviar, Russian Revels trademark Borsch-in-the-pie and the iconic – Pineapple with chocolate boozy salami. This will set up the evening nicely. Alternatively, for others inclined to hone their Charleston steps to perfection instead, there is a one hour dance class prior to the event.

The Prohibition Party itself is your chance to dress in the glamour of the1920s and enjoy the thrills of prohibition style partying. This promises to be the biggest and most lavish event yet with a night full of rip-roaring band performances, a Charleston dance-off, an immersive dining club and a secret warren of new themed and interactive rooms. There is also entertainment including live bands, DJs on gramophones, silent cinema, dancing troupes and gambling tables.

Ticket information:
Russian Revel Pre Party (630pm-8pm): £40 including entry to the Prohibition main party (http://russianrevels.co.uk/1920s-prohibition-party)

General Admission to The Prohibition Party (8pm till late): £25
Charleston dance class (7pm-8pm): £30 including access to the party (http://www.prohibition1920s.com/)


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