Two teenagers playing with a pile of rubble reflecting the chaotic lives they live. An account of their mother dying young choking on a piece of chicken was given, or perhaps she slowly ebbed away whilst watching television on the sofa. The brother and sister give various accounts of the same events and their stories often stray into the surreal and fanciful. Written by Dennis Kelly, each account has a literary flair and delivered with such conviction by the outstanding Harry McEntire and Leila Mimmack. The details of each story conjure up vivid imagery and competing to convince as the definitive. It is dark at times, it has a near perfect voice for the two teenagers with their nativity and optimism in horrific circumstances and a moving underlying sibling bonds and love between them. The constant shift of narrative thread is not easy to follow and it is difficult to piece everything together, especially combined with the fantastical elements. But it is a joy to see two young performers excelling on a text with so much scope for a great performance. A absolute treat from this collaboration between Open Works Theatre and Look Left Look Right.


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