From the people who brought you Secret Cinema comes the less covert version, Future Cinema. The feature is Ghostbusters from the 80s which means headband, leotard and plenty of Ghostbusters themed fancy dress, and that is just the audience. The setting is the ballroom  featured in the film which the grand Toxy is well suited for. Before the film begins, various speakers in character come on stage to set the scene for the movie. There are various stalls selling items themed around the movie such as the obligatory hot dog and the more thematic Twinkie and candy bars in a US style Chinese takeaway box.

There is also a performance area with the Ghostbusters receptionist recruiting and a member of the team conducting a demonstration on supernatural activity. There are all adequate and passes the time but not exciting enough to entertain. But as the main feature starts, the whole production comes to life. The sound system is positively booming and the re-enactments are exciting and all add to the movie experience rather than a distraction. The combination of lighting, projection and performances from actors are well designed and coordinated and the appearance of the Marshmallow Man is genuinely exciting. On the whole, it makes a good night out with a group of friends and great to revisit one of my childhood favourite from a different perspective.   


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