Set during the Blitz in rural England, George has to reluctantly accept a quiet girl from the city after her brother is killed as part of the evacuation. Strange things begin to happen and bring up old tragic memories and perhaps even a rekindling of an old flame.

The cliché filled plot is pretty thin and full of red herrings that leads nowhere. The lines are straight out of a drama writing course and no more than functional. However, treated as a pure piece of ghostly scary theatre, it is mildly thrilling. There are just enough trickery and illusions, along with some choice lighting and sound to scare. Maria Victoria Eugenio as the evacuee Janet does a pretty good job in her silent role conveying the fright and helplessness convincingly. So, if it is treated as a bit of a thrill on a night out and not particularly bothered about the plot and insight, it is a reasonable production.


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