afterthebeginningbefore the end

A new show by Daniel Kitson is always highly anticipated whether it is one of his story show or stand up. For this standup (or sitdown rather), Kitson muses the more philosophical and existential questions in life. He ponders  what considered normal and proper; whether having a pool table instead of children can be deemed as an appropriate life’s ambition; to more prosaic observations about the difference between hope and planning, told with an example about soaking lentil overnight with nodding approval from the audience. Oddly enough, there is even a topical subject in the set, although inadvertently. One of the main subject in the show is whether one’s memory is reliable or could it be influenced by other’s account and perception of an event. A research on this precise topic was published today in The Independent which is a rather incredible. Personally, there are a host of truisms within the set and cannot help but wonder if it only applies to me or is it more universal. I suspect it is the latter which is the one of his enormous talent on top his masterly use of phrases, description and poetry like delivery. At nearly two hours long, it is a test of stamina on a warm summer evening for some but I have a feeling most in the audience will be happy to stay all night.


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