In the sauna like heat of a packed Theatre 503 is Our Share of Tomorrow, written and directed by Dan Sherer. It is a story of a wise teenage girl, escorted by an older man she befriended, visiting his father who doesn’t know of her existence. This play examines love and loss in a multi-layered love story between a young couple, parental love and transference of confused emotions. The play doesn’t sugar coat any of the relationships and is quite hard edged, balancing on the verge of descending into something darker at times. But eventually, the innocence of intentions and emotions wins out. The final scene sums up what the play is about at its heart. The cast plays with dedication and verve with Tamsin Joanna Kennard playing the young girl with authentic teenage ambivalence. The nautical setting brings a sense of adventure and the overall theme of drifting to the fore. The writing and structure isn’t perfect but it serves its purpose and brings a gripping and complex story to life.


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