phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgMilton’s verses on creation charting the war of the angels, Adam and Eve and their damnation is brought to life in an interesting staging by Forth Monkey Theatre Company. The production is set using two spaces in Trinity Buoy Wharf where heaven is set in a pure white room and next door set the garden of Eden and hell. There are imaginative choreography such as the battle of the angles that illustrates the power of the fight by using multiple actors as an extension to the fighter’s arms and limbs. The scene of the descend into hell is a good use of the space showing an awareness of the potential of the location and thought. The rest of the play is adequate with Milton’s verses delivered with the conviction required for gravitas from a young cast. It may not break any new ground but it is a fun and interesting staging of what could be a laborious and heavy original material.


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