(Left at the interval.)

It has been over 20 years since I visited the Prince of Wales Theatre and what a great job they have done with the renovation of the theatre. The signtlines is excellent even up in the circle; plush seats with good leg room and the bars and the theatre itself has a Las Vegas glamour about it.

Back to the show, it is an entertaining show poking fun at the Mormons about their rules, overly positive outlooks and quirks. The singing and dancing is good and there are enough jokes to keep everyone happy. But there is a distinct mediocrity about it with the same joke popping up constantly and the shtick of Mormon bashing gets a little crass and tiresome pretty quickly. The music is fairly uninteresting apart from the excellent Hakuna Matata parody. So rather than staying for the second half, I have decided to catch up on some home time. I can see how some may enjoy it and it is a perfectly adequate piece of West End musical theatre.


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