The British contemporary circus company, No Fit State, produce this a large scale, promenade performance at the Roundhouse with a varying degree of success. First and foremost as a circus act, most of the acts were competent with the one or two great performances, notably with the tightrope walking act by Ariele Ebacher and aerial work by Augusts Dakteris. The show is hugely choreographed in terms of its transitions between acts and there is a sense of anticipation of what is about to come as the next set is put into place. The mingling of the dispersed crowd amongst the act helps the feeling of intimacy and there is a real closeness to the performers as they filter in and out of the audience. Great effort has been put into a clever set and equipment design which transform into numerous different configurations for different acts. The set is themed around the colour white but it looks a little recycled and white washed. The music from the live band was lively and fitted the performance well. Unfortunately, the show as a whole feels flat and underwhelming and the whole show feels disjointed. It perhaps lacks an knock-out act and the wow factor. Definitely room for improvement but the show has a solid grounding to work upon.


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