This collaboration between the five star Corinthia Hotel and the theatre company Look Left Look Right (LLLR) makes sense. LLLR knows how to utilise the surrounding in a respectful and good natured manner in its previous shows such as You Once Said Yes, which ran in Edinburgh and Camden. This collaboration means LLLR has full access to what Corinthia Hotel has to offer. This immersive theatrical experience or however you call it, takes individual audience member throughout the hotel, from the laundry room to the balcony of the top floor suite and everything in between. There are two storylines linking the scenes together taking in the history of the hotel and what may very well occur in a contemporary 5 star hotel. It is a difficult task linking the scenes of these immersive theatre experience but there is a good cohesion throughout. Also, it helps that the characters within are interesting enough so it keeps the curiosity going. The performances are good and there is an enthusiasm and conviction amongst the actors to drive the experience along. This collaboration also showcase the hotel of its facilities, history and service which is a very clever marketing device. This is a very well done immersive theatre experience and all those involved comes out looking as well as one of those well pressed uniform the audience may just encounter.


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