This was not a good play. If all you have is 3 minutes worth to say on the austerity, and a flawed one at that, then gather a class of A-level students to write short sketches on the subject of austerity, this is what you ended up with. It was an exercise in fitting tangential contemporary references such as Boris Johnson, libor and Starbucks to make it sounds more relevant. The play was made up of a series of short sketches which one or two of them tide up to the final scene but not in a satisfactory way because you cease to care about the characters as they were either so filled with stereotypical cliche or so devoid of personality or any character traits. Fitting with the theme of austerity, the stage was bare with actors changing in the wing which unfortunately added to the crudeness of it. The actors did the best they could and the scene change was slick but with such flawed and misguided text, it was hard to be anything but a complete failure.


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