This was a surprise find whilst waiting to see The Architect in the Biscuit Factory. It didn’t have the most promising ambience to the place with it filled with your usual dour local, a sign on the toilet door proclaiming drugs use will not be tolerated and lack of ale on tap, the surprise came from the food. We went with no expectation and what we were treated was a simple, delicious and cheap home cook meal. I ordered the boiled ham, mash potatoes and cabbage with parsley sauce. It was generous slices of moist home cooked ham, 4 big scoops of mash, lovingly garnished with parsley and simply boiled cabbage. It was home cooked food at its simplest and best and at around £6, an absolute bargain. My dining companion had the fish goujoin and chips and rather than some frozen fish fingers, it was a generous pile of beautifully home-made goujoin with a crispy and spiced bread crumb batter, served with great chips and peas. Again, for around £6, it was a bargain. So, ignore the appearance and sample the delight of this rare treat of a pub.


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